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Edupoint Services Private Limited (ESPL)

Educating someone has always been a task so noble that people often equate educators with a higher power capable of transformation, and miracles. While this reverence pleases every soul that strives in this field, right from the teachers to the administration and management staff, it brings with it a responsibility of such magnitude, that it often renders these same individuals juggling multiple challenges simultaneously. However, the said hard work does not look so trying at ESPL (Edupoint Services Pvt. Ltd.), under the able leadership of its founders Nilesh Saudagar and Mihir Kurse. These two educators-turned-edupreneurs have combined their genius, their passion for teaching, and the immense experience amassed in business as well as teaching with technology, and have in turn developed products, that function like a magical solution to any educational institution out there be it a school, a class, or even a college. And all of this is what ESPL is made of!

ESPL as a company, aiming at betterment of the educational scenario provides a range of select products that are involved directly and indirectly in making teaching and learning better and easier. Beginning with its very first and the core product Litmus, an academy which provides coaching to the students of the 8th, 9th, and 10th grade from the SSC, ICSE, and CBSE boards, ESPL has now come a long way. With technological integration in the pedagogical field which was initially only an inclination, but is now the only way to operate; ESPL recognizes that the requirement for tools to aid not only teachers and students but also the team that works behind the scenes i.e. the administration and management, is urgent. And this realization is what resulted the venturing of ESPL into the development of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and products promoting Technology Aided Learning, which can be found by the names of Classoto, Digikaksha, Improviser, and Test Simulator.

Having been into the field of teaching for more than 12 years, ESPL truly has observed all the intricacies involved, encountered and experienced problems at various levels, such as resource management, quality control, resource enhancement, expansion etc. and still has successfully tread through these challenges. The very solutions that made ESPL a name to reckon with in the education industry in a very short period, have been transformed into products aforementioned, which genuinely have the potential to change the educational scenario all over the country – thereby making it more efficient and effortless! Know More

ESPL Mission

To Create & Deliver solutions in order to uplift the Education system.

ESPL Vision

To be the best education solutions & service provider in India.

Core Values

ESPL’s foundation is laid on strong values & principles; Transparency is one of the most innate values that ESPL has adopted since its Inception. We believe that; to achieve success one needs to be disciplined & passionate; our team consists of individuals who have an undying passion for sharing knowledge; ESPL stands by “Knowledge shared is knowledge Multiplied.” We continually strive to create value for every stakeholder (Teachers/Students/Parents/Institutes) of ESPL.

Sticking to our core values and principles; let us explore our B2C offerings; Litmus Academy, Test Simulator & Digi-Kaksha.

What People Say About Us

Our work and products have helped us gain credibility and a stature in the market giving us an edge over others.